Journal of Coastal and Marine Engineering (JCME) is a fully open access, double blind, peer reviewed, electronic publication which includes a broad range of marine science such as:

1) Hydrodynamics

2) Sediment

3) Coastal Structures

4) Design and Port Engineering

5) Offshore Engineering

6) Port and Coastal Management

JCME is released by Iranian Coastal and Marine Structural Engineering Association (ICOMSEA), which aims to present the latest scientific achievements in aforementioned fields.

Current Issue: Volume 1, Issue 1, 2018 

Classification of Barred and Unbarred Beach Profiles in the Caspian Sea

Pages 1-6

Soheil Ataei H.; Mir Ahmad Lashteh Neshaei; Mehdi Adjami

Numerical Simulation of Tidal Wave over Wavy Bed

Pages 7-12

Maryam Ziaeddini-Dashtkhaki; Mahnaz Ghaeini-Hessaroeyeh

Developing the Persian Gulf Wave Forecasting System

Pages 13-18

Morteza Jedari Attari; S. Abbas Haghshenas; Mohsen Soltanpour; Mohammad Reza Allahyar; Sarmad Ghader; Daniel Yazji; Azadeh Razavi Arab; Zohreh Hajisalimi; S. Jaafar Ahmadi; Arash Bakhtiari

Numerical Analysis of Upheaval Buckling of Pipeline on Uneven Seabed Using Finite Element Method

Pages 53-57

Ali Soukhak Lari; Ahmad Rahbar Ranji; Mostafa Bahmani Shourijeh; Mehdi Soukhak Lari

Modeling of Last Recent Tropical Storms in the Arabian Sea

Pages 58-66

Arash Bakhtiari; Mohammad Reza Allahyar; Morteza Jedari Attari; S. Abbas Haghshenas; Mohammad Bagheri

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