Numerical Analysis of the Effects of Sandglass-Type FPSO Hull Form on Hydrodynamic Performance in Regular Waves

Document Type : Original Article


Noshirvani University of Technology, Babol, Iran


This paper presents a numerical investigation on hydrodynamic performance of sandglass-type FPSO with different parameters. In order to estimate the hydrodynamic performance and utilize the results on the design stage of FPSO, a frequency-domain numerical simulation program, ANSYS/AQWA software package was used. Numerical studies were conducted to investigate the heave and pitch motion responses of sandglass-type FPSO. Eight different inclination angles were utilized with the same displacement and draft. The effects of different inclination angles including different radii of underwater radius of floating object on hydrodynamic responses and forces that acted on FPSO were investigated and presented here. Numerical results were compared against experimental data of a sandglass-type model, and good agreement was achieved in small amplitude regular wave cases. Based on the simulation results, it was concluded that a sandglass-type FPSO with inclination angle of 45º proposes proper hydrodynamic performance in heave and pitch motion for all ranges of wave frequencies. Also as it was predicted, the effect of heading sea on sandglass-type FPSO was significant compared to other wave directions.